Wedding video to complement your wedding photographs

Wedding photographs are essential and precious takeaways from weddings. These photographs contain precious memories from the wedding day that we want to keep for memory sake in our lives.

Pictures paint a thousand words. Looking at these photographs will remind us instantly and easily about the wedding event and the associated happiness and joy during the event. Words will not be able to transmit the same information and let us recall the memory as easily. Images serve as better tools to let us recall events. An even better tool that displays more amount of information at the same viewing time, and is able to let us recall memories even easier is moving pictures, or otherwise known as videos. Videos are made up of multiple pictures running in very tight sequence (usually in milliseconds) to give us a sense of the real-life happenings at the event. When you look at videos, you will feel as if you are at the scene itself.

I highly recommend couples to get wedding videography Singapore services. Treat it as a great investment to complement your wedding photographs. Your wedding photographs will be able to tell you some stories. However, a wedding video will be able to almost tell you the full story anytime you watch it. Integrated with sound, you can experience the wedding event all over again everytime you play the video.

Furthermore, wedding videography Singapore services are not very expensive. In fact, they cost the same as wedding photography services. Just based on this reason alone, I would get wedding videography services simply because I expected it to be more expensive than wedding photography services. I value videography services higher than photography. Moreover, you can consult your wedding photography studio or wedding boutique to check if they have bundled packages containing both wedding photography and videography. These bundled packages will provide attractive discounts and are even more affordable for the people.

Get your pre wedding photography locally

These days, there are quite a lot of overseas wedding boutiques holding roadshows near shopping malls. Most of them come from Taiwan, and are promoting wedding photography packages with Taiwan as the destination. With these foreign competitors coming into Singapore’s market, one will naturally wonder if the right decision would be getting their pre wedding photography done locally or in a foreign land?

I would advice engaging a pre wedding photography Singapore company and hold your pre wedding photo shoot locally in Singapore.

The most frequently cited reason to hold pre wedding photo shoots overseas is the better scenery overseas. There are overseas locations which are much more scenic and beautiful than what we can find in Singapore. Moreover, there are a variety of overseas locations possessing different styles and cultures. Using them as backdrops for the photo shoot, each of them will provide a different atmosphere and feel to each photographs. All in all, the greatest advantage from taking pre wedding photo shoot overseas is because of the scenic and diverse backdrops overseas countries are able to provide.

Though the places in Singapore may look less scenic, they are all very familiar to us and are after all, where we grow up and live in. Getting your wedding photo shoot done in Singapore will give the photographs a familiar sense of home and belonging. In my personal opinion, I feel that this will make the photographs feel more intimate and real.

What’s more, it is much more convenient holding your wedding photo shoot in Singapore than holding it overseas. You do not have to worry about lodging, transportation, and food. You will also save more by eliminating these unnecessary expenses to travel and live overseas during the short few days of the wedding photo shoots. Cheaper and gives a more homely feel, local pre wedding photography packages are definitely the first choice for me.

Preparing for your pre wedding photography

Pre wedding photography and actual day photography can be quite different. Firstly, the whole atmospheres are very different. At pre wedding photography, the atmosphere is light and all the couples are thinking about is having fun and enjoying themselves at the photo shoot. At the actual wedding photography, however, the couples are nervous yet excited about their upcoming wedding banquet in the evening, hoping that everything will go according to plan.

Secondly, it requires different skills from the photographers to handle these 2 wedding events. Not surprising, there are photographers who only specialize in either one type of photography.

Thirdly, there are different things that the couples will need to take note of to prepare for their wedding photography which is much different from the preparation for the actual day wedding photography.

A) Talk to the different wedding photographers from the wedding photography studio and choose to work with the one whose portfolio you and your spouse like the most and also the one who can communicate well with you and your spouse. The three of you will be going to work together very closely with each other. Hence, ability to work together well and understanding each other is very important. By the way, unlike actual day photography, it is enough to get just one photographer for your pre wedding photography. The focus will just be on the couples so it will be manageable for one photographer to handle the entire photo shoot alone.

B) Rent a wedding gown Singapore from a local wedding boutique. Wedding photo shoots require couples to be dressed in suits and wedding gowns. Head down to some of the wedding boutiques in Singapore to choose and get your wedding dresses and gowns and look pretty for your wedding photo shoot!

C) Allocate at least two to three days for your pre wedding photo shoot. Some couples choose to have their pre wedding shoot in just a day. That will be too rushed and will affect the mood of the couples which will in turn affect the quality of the pictures taken. Moreover, if the weather is bad, the photo shoot will have to be postponed to a later date too. So why not spread the workload and enjoy your photo shoot with contingency plans ready.

Amazing Pre-wedding photographs

Have you seen those amazing pre-wedding photos where it looks like and feels like the couple are the only people on Earth? I truly love such photographs. It elicits such genuine, serene and lovely feelings. I love these type of pre-wedding photographs.

Let us take a look at photographs by Grandeur Wedding Studio.

Grandeur Wedding Pre-wedding shot

I think this image taken by them looks truly amazing. It showcases a level of sophistication and love that can be hard to explain in a few words. I think what makes it good is that it is in black and white – hence enhancing the emotions that the photo elicits. It’s truly beautiful to look at such a piece of art and not go wow!

Grandeur Wedding Studio pre-wedding shoot on tracks

Look at this above photograph. I love how the photo colors are saturated (at least that’s my kind of style). I like my wedding photographs to be saturated. Even though V-TI has very high standards when it comes to analyzing photographs, I do think that the above image looks really good. I love it. Of course, the above (first) image on this blog post is definitely better at being sophisticated. This second image is much simpler looking and feeling but I love the perfected technicalities within the above photo that the Grandeur Wedding Studio’s pre-wedding photographer has taken. Looks good. Too bad I did not engage them when I got married 7 years ago, but oh well.

I think what makes a photograph look really amazing is not only about having the perfect color contrast and saturation in the image. It is also not about where the photograph is taken. It is about the combination of everything and how the overall image is portrayed.

I especially love sophisticated looking wedding photographs like the first one at the top of this page. However, I have to admit, that after 5 years of wedding photography experience, that it is very difficult to achieve such a level of competence.

How To Find A Good Wedding Photography Company?

For the uninitiated, you might find that looking for a reputable and good wedding photography company which is affordable at the same time can be really hard and it might only seem that you only have a few expensive choices. That is the case if you were to ask around your friends or family. Instead, look to the Internet! There can only be so many studios that you can get referred to by asking family or friends. However, with the Internet, you can easily find tons of good wedding photography studios within Singapore.

Here are some of the best ways to help you find Singapore’s best wedding photography company for you and your spouse.

First of all, you definitely want to search for them on Google first. Don’t even bother looking on yellow pages (gosh that’s extremely OUTDATED). Always look for them on Google search engine. There are so many companies which you can find on Google. Additionally, these websites are usually frequently updated and hence you would be able to see their latest portfolio with all the wedding images on it. This makes things very easy for couples in Singapore to pick a good wedding photographer or company because there is so much time saved by not needing to travel down to meetings or their companies to check out their portfolio. This genuinely saves couples a lot of time.

Second of all, you want to decide on 3 top wedding photography websites/companies and then ask these companies for their quotes. Remember, go for quality first, then ask for the quotes based on your favorite 3. This is because you want to get only beautiful wedding photographs and work with photographers whose style suits you and your spouse’s tastes.

Third of all, you should check for their online reviews if any. In this day and age, it is very simple to check for any kind of reviews online so you should definitely check them out. You want to make sure that there is no any particularly bad reviews – but even then you should check if they are legitimate reviews (because some may be sabotages).

chinese wedding photograph

Preparing For Your Actual Day Wedding Photography

There are some things you want to keep close notice of if you want your actual day wedding photography in Singapore to go really smoothly!

A) Make sure to ask the wedding photography studio if you are getting one or two photographers for your actual day. This is because if the studio you engage only has one photographer, he or she might not be able to rush around to the important places on time and take all the important events and happenings of the day. However, if you have around 2 AD wedding photographers provided, then chances are they would easily capture all of the photos.

B) Ask if the wedding photography studio you are engaging can provide you with a make up artist too. You must make sure of this point, and if they do not provide a MUA, then make sure to hire one. Do not assume that the studio will automatically provide you with one. Also, do not resort to your friend unless he or she is a true professional. This is because you cannot afford even one little bit of mistake during your actual wedding day.

C) You might want to note that the wedding photographer might not have a car, and in this situation, you should ask them if they have a car and make the necessary arrangements to help facilitate their moving around on the actual day too.

D) Appoint a family member or friend as a helper. This helper is supposed to point out to the wedding photographer all the important people and guests that you want more photographs to be captured of. This is very important or you would quickly find that the wedding photographer would only mainly take images of only you and your spouse as well as your respective parents and not half as many pictures of the other guests.

With the above 4 tips for your actual day wedding photography, I’m confident that you would find that the day would go by much more smoothly and that you would not need to worry about the eventual images that come out!

Types of bridal photography

When it comes to couples in Singapore, there are several types of popular bridal photography shoots that couples opt to go for in Singapore.

The first of which would be ROM – or otherwise also known as solemnisation ceremony. This is the ceremony where the couple and often both parties’ parents follow the couple down to the Registry of Marriages in Singapore. The couple will then be signing the legal marriage contract which binds both party to each other as husband and wife in the name of the law. Most couples either get a ROM photographer or a friend to help them take photographs. Fewer people take video at this stage as there is nothing much to be filmed (in terms of a video compared to ROM photographs).

Next step would be the pre-wedding photography session – this is where couples will often hire a pre-wedding photographer to capture amazing outdoor photographs. Some couples with a greater budget will also hire a Singapore cinematographer to help them capture a concept video. It’s really amazing how some concept videos look like movies. Try searching on YouTube for these movies and you would be more than surprised by the style of videography that can be captured.

Last but not least, it would be the actual wedding day. Most couples who don’t go for any form of photography or videography as mentioned above will usually still go for AD shoots or videos. As the name explains itself, I shall not need to elaborate too much on this. Basically, it is just the capturing of scenes that happen during the actual wedding day through the use of photographs and film.

I would highly recommend you to pick a high quality wedding studio company in Singapore like to help you take amazing photographs (or perhaps even video if you really want) as mentioned above. Investing into a good wedding photographer is a good option.

Wedding photography is part of the big wedding plan

Ever planned a wedding before? If you have either planned a wedding for yourself or your sister, you will know that wedding planning is such a tedious job that requires someone who is meticulous and have an eye for details. There are simply just so many things to coordinate and take note of. These things that will be in your to-do-list for your wedding include the purchase of wedding ring, choosing of bridal gowns, wedding photography, guest invites and many more. It is no surprise many working adults choose to engage a wedding planner to take care of their wedding planning job instead. Yes, there are actually professional wedding planners in the market offering wedding planning services.

If you talk about wedding, then wedding photography is something that is top of the list. When I think about wedding, wedding photography is the first thing that came to my mind. To me, it is the most precious and memorable event in the whole wedding schedule which will produce the most precious item for the newly weds – the wedding photo album. They say pictures say a thousand words. Hence, the best way to capture the beautiful wedding moment is to take good photographs of it. I’m sure most newly-weds will take out their wedding photo album from time to time just to reminisce about their sweet wedding moments and remind themselves of the strong sparks in their early marriage life.

For those people who are going to plan for a wedding yourselves, do not fret. I got something to help you with that – check out these 10 tools to help you plan your wedding in singapore. Among these 10 tools, you will find an overall wedding planner tool to take note of all the different activities you will need to carry out 12 months before your actual wedding day. That’s is the most important tool in my opinion and let you keep track of the big picture. Other useful tools include wedding guest list and seating planner, detail wedding plan 3 months before actual wedding day, and actual wedding day planning guide.

To plan a wedding is not easy, but it will be worth it.

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